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The updated GAT NET.Lock 7000 system includes a new GAT NET.Lock lock model with a controller and new GAT Relaxx Software that will make it much simpler and easier to manage the lockers and safe cells.

GAT NET.Lock 7000 works on the technology of radio frequency identification and supports the technology of non-contact communication NFC. This is a reliable lock with interlocking on the alarm system and non-contact control. It does not require additional maintenance, is controlled online and can be integrated into almost any control system. The information carrier can be a bracelet, a club card, a chip, etc. The operation of locks is intuitively understandable to clients and does not require additional explanations.
GAT NET.Lock 7000 is ideal for lockers made from almost any material, and thanks to its size - even for small safes. It elegantly looks on any door thanks to its sturdy design.